Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship 鈥 i3

Project Title: Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurshp- i3

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Spiros Sirmakessis, Computer and Informatics Engineering Department

Project objectives

Overall objective 孝o promote territorial development, cooperation and support the competitiveness of the Balkan - Mediterranean area by developing, establishing and promoting entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer model (Ideas, Inventions, Innovation 鈥 i3) for educating students and entrepreneurs.

Sub-objectives of the project

鈥 To establish cooperation between partners and stakeholders in the project 鈥 training and education institutions and business;

鈥 To strengthen economic and business relations between communities, stimulate economic development, job creation and competitiveness of SMEs;

鈥 To promote sustainable development at national and trans-national level by increasing balanced, efficient and sustainable use of resources and tackling the most immediate problems in a cost-effective manner;

鈥 To establish i3 entrepreneurship model 鈥 Ideas, Inventions, Innovations.

Target groups

鈥 Young people - either in their last courses of education or which have recently graduated,

鈥 Educational institutions;

鈥 Business and sectorial organisations and associations;

鈥 SMEs;

鈥 Communities in the participating countries.

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Radio: Robots in Assisted Living Enviroments

Scientific Coordinator: Nikolaos Voros
Duration: 01/04/2015-31/03/2018
Approved Budget: 576.875,00 鈧
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